A life dedicated to an extraordinary object: the Italian history of the billiard table is linked to the name of the founder Francesco Cirillo.

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We are able to make you unique, to personalize your billiards and your table football according to your most bizarre needs. The Cirillo Biliardi is able to print your billiard cloth with your logo, your favorite design, your exclusive graphics. Visit the gallery of our works to dream of your unique and exclusive billiards and table football.

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not only the game and functionality, but also design and elegance for the furnishing of your home, characterized by the use of exclusive materials and sophisticated, aimed at last in time.. And not only billiards

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The passion and desire of billiards attracts more and more followers…In that forms it expresses your live billiards? Share your experiences with us!

” Billiard exits the common place that wants him to be dusty and smoky and buying its true position, one that for people like me who always had: elegant and noble. “

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