Billiards Table Design Collection

The professional pool tables “design collection” are made following the Italian manufacturing tradition and using the highest quality materials. The structure is in solid mahogany, the playing surface is composed of slate slabs and covered with a soft professional carpet, produced by a leading company.
Attention to detail is also visible in the lining of the holes, strictly in leather or eco-leather. These billiard tables are available for different types of games from Snooker to the American Pool, from the Russian Pyramid to the Italian Billiards. The “design collection” billiard table is offered in different styles: from the classic billiard table enriched with intricate carvings, to the more contemporary models enhanced by important marble inserts, woods inlaid with mother of pearl and ebony and many other precious materials. All the tables can be combined with professional lamps that emit a diffused light perfect for the game. In addition, the customer can choose between three different slat door models that complete the game room. We are able to create customized models according to the most varied customer needs.

Agata Model

Ambra Model

Blenda Model

Coba Model

Dyas Model

Ekan Model

Herk Model

Heula Model

Jade Model

Kunz model

Picas Model