A new way of living and thinking the billiard


Even someone who has no concept of genetics knows that some features can be attributed to the inheritance. Those who know Franco Boemi of “Cirillo Billiards” in Silvi Marina (Pescara), knows that this is the truth. In fact, a little as happens for twins, arriving by jumping from one generation, thus Franco Boemi has inherited from the maternal grandfather the passion and the love for billiards. The particular view of this sport is the singularity, which in our opinion has made the ” Cirillo Billiards” almost an institution and not only in Abruzzo; where still speak of regional billiard without making reference to Francesco Cirillo is like visiting a botanical garden without finding even a rose.

To the more carefules cannot escape that what Franco Boemi has inherited, is not the usual mastery of carton that every good player can impart to his “godson”, but a real “culture” of billiards, a story that speaks of honesty, honor, responsibility and respect; a perfect symbiosis of billiards with man takes place in a sort of game at points where both can exit the winners of their existences. The Francesco Cirillo’s lesson has not dawned from no pulpit, if not that of daily humility with which he faced salt overflowing with public, surprising his selfd almost, of its reputation and maintaining unchanged its mild character and modest, as all “biggest”. This must have been the first teaching: always remain themselves especially when it is around the green table for excellence.


The second should instead involve respect for billiards and today it is enough to enter the company headed by his nephew Franco Boemi to realize that this culture has remained unchanged. No longer the craft workshop dusty – more to give the impression of the genuineness and the economy of the work required that for a real need – but a building bright, clean, elegantly furnished, Franco Boemi is rightly proud: ‘and’ in these things that you see the respect for billiards – he says – I did not want to “overdo”, nor attempt to intimidate the customer with a free luxery; I only wanted to make efficient and liveable a workplace that we can still call “handicraft” but that can no longer be performed properly in a shop.”

Aesthetic sense? “No, or at least not only; today the work on billiards you cannot perform more like 50 years ago, on the tables then was sufficient handcrafted approach with the means at its disposal, now no longer enough, the tables are very sophisticated technique and to the constitution. For charity, the direction of the craft sector must be maintained and respected, but the technology today allows the use of equipment and methods designed to minimize the error and speed time defending the quality of work that, however, remains manual.

It is also time that the billiard bait from common place that wants him to be dusty and smoky, today the billiards is gaining its true position, one that for people like me who always had: elegant and noble. This is why I wanted my company, in his small, give a contribution to ensuring that the elegance of the billiard table had a feeling”at first sight” to put it in terms biliardistici.” to hear him speak with so much fervour I wonder who is not a player avid of billiards. “I would like to be. Unfortunately or fortunately, I do not know, I have a sense of responsibility. I have a family that I love and a job that takes a very committed precisely because I like to do so seriously and honestly; this is why little game of billiards.

It is only the time that is missing, not the fantasy or the will.” Indeed hung on the walls of the offices, known photos of Mr Boemi while playing billiards and posters who see it in the list of final together with samples as Diomajuta, Cifalà, Sessa and Rosanna. “My grandfather taught me that we need to demonstrate something only to themselves. At those times it was said of him that he was a sample, a “myth” – and it was – but they all were amazed when accorgevano d’have faced a simple man, honest and moderate. My desire was to be able to and to be able to play well billiards, but not to the taste of the notoriety of fame or money, just for the pleasure it can give to compete with the splint in hand and I did; but life implies choices and I have to say, with no regrets that the game more beautiful is the one that live every day here at the side of my wife.”